China Collaborative Group announces official formation

18 November 2018, Shanghai — The China Collaborative Group (CCG) has officially formed as an advisory collective. CCG works with cross-border investors, and their counterparts, on business deals connected to China’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative (OBOR), and other global economic platforms.

The National Development and Reform Commission of the People’s Republic of China, the country’s top economic planning agency and champion of OBOR, has acknowledged CCG. The acknowledgement paves the way for the group to work with clients providing advice and services that are aligned with the NDRC’s guiding principles to make China a leader in economic globalisation and integration.

CCG is made up of 17 legal and tax advisories from different countries. The members collaborate as one team under a Swiss legal entity association model. It currently includes advisories from China, Costa Rica, Cyprus, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, The Netherlands, Nigeria, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom and the United States.

CCG supports clients to make smart decisions when working across borders. More than just tackling rules and regulations, CCG is based on a reciprocal understanding of cultures and business practices. CCG’s experts advise clients in their native language, with an understanding of their culture. This ensures a level of clarity and comfort – both at home and abroad – that smooths deals along.

Key to CCG’s efforts will be guiding the increasing number of Chinese investors seeking to develop interests abroad and take root in the global economy. The association and its extended network of professionals will support Chinese business decision-makers to ensure both compliance and safeguarded in their cross-border activities.

“The China Collaborative Group is about much more than cross-border deals and corporate compliance,” says Roberto Gilardino, President of the China Collaborative Group “The local and international expertise of each CCG member, working together as one team serving each client toward effective solutions, ensures a thorough cultural component, including language and business culture practice. Deals can become minefields of misunderstanding, and we take every measure to avoid this.”

CCG erases traditional, geographic legal boundaries. It offers decision-makers the best cross-border assistance available, working locally to achieve global results. This is the CCG way.

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CCG member listing by advisory

Abreu Advogados, Lisbon, Portugal
Aliant® Qais Conrad Laureate, Lagos, Nigeria
BAa Lawyers, Barcelona and Madrid, Spain
Capital Law, Cardiff, England
Daar & Newman, Los Angeles, USA
Dorfmeister & Partners, Madrid, Barcelona and Alicante, Spain
Georgios K Georgiou, Larnaca, Cyprus
Horizons Corporate Advisory, Shanghai, China
Horizons Corporate Advisory, Turin, Italy
HütteLAW AG, Cham, Switzerland
Lawyalty, Milan, Italy
Möllenhoff Rechstanwälte, Munster, Germany
Morvilliers Sentenac & Associés, Toulouse, France
Marxman Advocaten, Amersfoort and Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
Moores Rowland, Jakarta, Indonesia
MB Abogados, San Jose, Costa Rica
UNITEDKS Law Firm, Istanbul, Turkey
Vázquez Aldana Hernández Gómez & Asociados (VAHG), Guadalajara, Mexico

CCG advisor listing by country
Roberto Gilardino
Horizons Corporate Advisory

Marianella Mora
MB Abogados

Georgios K. Georgiou
Georgios K. Georgiou L.L.C.

Marlies Hoecherl
Capital Law

Julian Cockain-Barère
Morvilliers Sentenac & Associés

Ulrich M. Möllenhoff
Möllenhoff Rechstanwälte

Meggy Parengkuan
Moores Rowland

Lucia Myriam Netti
Horizons Corporate Advisory

Gad Matalon

Fernando Hernández Gómez
Vázquez Aldana Hernández Gómez & Asociados

Bas Besseling, Michiel Appelhof
Marxman Advocaten

Olufemi ‘Femi’ Sunmonu
Aliant® Qais Conrad Laureate

Fernando Veiga Gomes
Abreu Advogados

Josep Mª Solsona Sancho
BAa Lawyers

Astrid Dorfmeister
Dorfmeister & Partners

Martin Hütte

Cengiz Söylemezoğlu

Jeffery Daar
Daar & Newman

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In lieu of making a ‘big show’ of externals—building playgrounds, sponsoring fundraisers or boasting of commitments to environmental sustainability—we believe the essence of corporate responsibility is to provide services and solutions that position businesses to be innately socially responsible in the course of their operations. Included in this is the pursuit of business strategies that contribute to social development by aligning corporate incentives with social and environmental goals serving the public interest.

We believe “corporate social responsibly” is about is paying employees fair wages, providing them with adequate health care and avoiding or ceasing activities destructive to the common good of society; we believe it is about working with clients to evolve beyond operating in an overly insular fashion, and foster outward creative thinking on how to solve problems by sharing knowledge and resources across sectors; we believe it is about identifying the costs, both literal and figurative, corporations transfer to society, and choosing to price them into an enterprise’s business.

Most notions of Corporate Social Responsibility exist largely as a marketing strategy under the guise of altruistic corporate behaviour. CCG encourages a different, more strategically focused approach to CSR. At the end of each day, we hope to help those we serve to achieve outcomes whose benefits carry little fanfare, but instead have far-reaching results for all stakeholders.


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